Wanna Know What Heaven’s Like?

Hey TD’ers, I think I saw the answer to this question when I saw this video.  When you watch it, please don’t be multi-tasking.  Put down what you’re doing for 6 minutes, pray for God to speak to you, and then watch and behold what will be unending in heaven – true love.

After you’re done, I’d love for you to comment and submit some parallels and associations with heaven and the glory of the gospel that you can think of.  Would you do that for me? Thanks … and enjoy! – Arthur

7 thoughts on “Wanna Know What Heaven’s Like?

  1. Wow! Thanks Arthur for showing us this video! One of my favorite parts of this video was a very short, subtle part when one of the girls feeds her sister from Bangkok a piece of popcorn. Such a small act of kindness, but that was the moment that I really saw the beauty of their family. It actually made me a little jealous that their adoption carried the meaning of family so much stronger than my “natural” birth did. However, this sheds light on how a day in heaven might be like: simply being able to perfectly love all our brothers and sisters while basking in God’s presence.

    • I noticed that too! That’s what the Body does, doesn’t it? If we can get a new paradigm into our minds that we are all a PART of One Body of Christ, rather than all trying to be whole and complete ourselves, we would be much more effective … and happy … in the role and with the abilities He has given us.

  2. “Family is adoption.”

    Not everyone has been “adopted” in the literal sense, but adoption is the only way into God’s family! Like these kids must be thinking, we must also ask, “What did we do to deserve this?” And the answer is NOTHING! That’s what unconditional love and grace by definition means 🙂

    • Preach it, brother! That is the truth! The only other way to be a part of God’s family apart from adoption would be to be part of the Trinity or a biological/natural offspring of God, possessing the same nature and “substance” of God, which doesn’t align with reality. Take note, however, that adoption comes AFTER the Holy Spirit BEGETS/BIRTHS a new spirit within us (Jn. 3). God blows me away.

  3. By the middle of the video, for some reason, I was struggling to understand fully the connection between Heaven and this family. I knew that we are the undeserving adopted, and that our God is so good, but really, much of it was only head knowledge, and much of it still remains so. But in the middle of the video, this happened: “He is jealous for me. Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.” This song usually doesn’t affect me that much because it’s so overplayed/over sung.. but when the boy from Romania sang it in the video, I only began to realize the weight of the words. It’s clear that the boy knows very well what this song means and the magnitude of His goodness. What do I mean by “very well?” Uh, I guess I mean that he knows it better than most of us. But I don’t believe he’s even close to knowing half of our infinite God’s infinite goodness yet, and I think he knows that. And that is a reason for endless rejoicing. I cannot, cannot wait to find out a little more with every day in Heaven and thank Him for His goodness to us, and, like Theodora said, absolutely “bask” in His love and light.

    • For me, it was a picture of our heavenly family down deep in my soul. Watching adopted kids from various parts of the world, saved from their old lives, with various disabilities/abilities, taking on ONE name, being joyfully and thankfully part of ONE family, with an active and hearty tender united LOVE that obviously transcends an earthly love … well, it spoke clearly to me more than words could. More than just logos, I caught a pathos and ethos of the culture of the Home that is run by the Ultimate Father.

  4. Thanks for sharing this video! I saw connections to predestination as the parents looked out at the whole world and chose them just like God looked out into the world and chose specific individuals. Also, when the boy from Romania thanked the parents for bringing them to a place to be fully human, he described the parents as “generous” and I related that to God’s graciousness in letting certain people get into Heaven. This family is so unique and wonderful!

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