Flip-Flop Friday!

Hey TDers! It’s October 31.  Happy Reformation Day!  Hope you’re all having a great time celebrating a movement that changed the world: the Reformation!  Here’s a message from Robert about TD tomorrow. – Arthur

I’m excited to uncover the riches of God’s Word with you in Luke 3:15-22. The message is entitled, “A Greater Man, A Greater Baptism,” and in the message we will see our friend John the Baptist humbly point to One infinitely greater than himself. Jesus said of John the Baptist: “I tell you, among those born of women none is greater than John” (Luke 7:28). Come and learn from Luke’s gospel about the One who was greater than the greatest man born up until that point in time.

We’ve had a few special Friday nights, and this coming Friday is no exception! This Friday is Flip-Flop Friday… so please wear your flip flops to TD!! If your school’s dress code allows it, try to wear your flip flops the whole day (without washing your feet). Read Luke 3:15-22 before this Friday to find out why…

See you this Friday! – Robert

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