Wait on Love

As part of my message on Friday, Nathaniel shared his newest song, “Wait on Love.” I’ve been singing it all week 🙂  It’s an encouraging reminder that God is a God who is near, has given His best to us, and is worth the wait.  And that’s True Love!  Enjoy! – Arthur


By Nathaniel Hsieh

Verse 1:

Oh my friend you’re not alone

Listen to these breaking hearts just dying to be known

This timeless human anthem that we’ve all learned to sing

Through sleepless nights, sunless days, and the whisper of a King saying


Wait on love just little bit longer

 Hold on tight ‘cuz your time will come

Keep pressing on ‘cuz this road makes you stronger

And one day soon you will hear

Love has won

Verse 2:

Oh my friend you’re good enough

Only eyes of worthy hearts see diamonds in the rough

The blind will stop at beauty, thinking they’ve found sight

And miss the depth of shadows free that cast a truer light

Telling you to


I see you there awake and alone, wondering if you’ll make it home

I see your fears, I see your tears and I know

I know the way rejection tastes, I carried Calvary’s cross one day

I know the pain, I know the shame, oh I know

Still I say to

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