Wanna Get More Out of TD? Introducing … !

A great desire of the leadership at TD is to help strengthen and grow your relationship with God.  And we know that starts with knowing well His Word to you.  And the only way to know anything well is  … repetition.  If you are a good athlete, musician, or student, you know that’s true.  In fact, if you’re good at anything, you know that’s true!

I’ve heard it said that it takes something like 12+ times of listening to something before we actually REALLY know it well.  I’ve found that to be SOOO true.  In my formative years as a growing Christian, I would listen to specific key sermons, messages, and lectures over a dozen times and would learn something new each time … and get blown away by God afresh each time.

Now, we realize that a typical TD message for many of you is like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant, and that most of you only really retain a fraction of the great truth being taught on a Friday night. We realize that unless you review it, you will NOT retain the life changing truth presented.

Soooo … help is on the way!  Introducing … the “Total Devotion” podcast! 

We’ve split last week’s message into 3 manageable parts and will be releasing them every few days before the next message and small group study on 10/18.  This way, you can really master the material and grow in your knowledge and understanding … AND … you can be more consistently meditating on His truth throughout the week, and not just on the weekends.

Please make the time to listen to this first production soon, as we will release part two in a few days.  May God be with you as you strive to give Him your total devotion! – Arthur

2 thoughts on “Wanna Get More Out of TD? Introducing … !

  1. This is great!!! Thank you so much for dividing these messages up and putting them on the blog. This would allow us college people to remain connected with TD for like, forever. And I’ll never view Arthur’s talks the same way after listening to it on my computer. I couldn’t tell if I was listening to something on Grace To You or from MBCLA.

    Also, props to Daniel Hsieh at the end. I could see a career budding from this 😉

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