TD’s Opening Night: Frumpy Friday

Hey TD’ers!  I’m excited to begin our new year together this Friday!  I’m going to open up with a powerful message from Luke 3:1-14 called “John the Baptist: Paving the Way”; we’re going to have our first skit, some honest and real sharing, and a great time of worship.  We want you to join us!  Listen to this invitation! (you’ll have to go on the blog to listen)

But, we need you to come … frumpy.  Yep, frumpy.   Please come in ugly, frumpy clothes.  Don’t do your hair, don’t gel it, no hairspray, don’t blow dry it, don’t shave, don’t put makeup, no bows, no hair clips, no jewelry.  Wear your glasses, not your contacts.  Wear flip flops or old shoes you’d normally only wear around the house when nobody’s around.  We’ll explain at TD!

This will be a great night to bring a friend.  See you Friday!  – Arthur

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