John MacArthur: Unleashing God’s Word One Verse at a Time


My first exposure to serious world-class, soul-captivating Bible teaching came through the teaching of pastor/teacher, John MacArthur.  He was also an integral part of Sandra’s growth in Christ and love of His Word.  In fact, it was really through his ministry that Sandra and I first started having serious dialouges about the Christian faith. 

We look forward to concluding our Summer series, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” by exposing you to one of the very finest and faithful Bible expositors in the world today, who took nearly 42 years at Grace Community Church to preach through every verse in the New Testament! 

He is a warrior who takes God at his word and who has courageously stood up for timelessness and and truthfulness of God’s Word against a compromising Christian culture.  He is definitely a hero of the faith. 

Please listen to the powerful message below before TD on Friday.  It’s called “True Worship, Pt. 1” and is the first of 8 messages on true worship, from John 4:20-24.  It’s a series I listened to as a young Christian.  If you want to hear more, go to  I know you’ll appreciate it! – Arthur

True Worship, Pt. 1

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