NO COMPROMISE: A Ligonier Party

A Ligonier party?  What is a Ligonier?  A disease? A Greek theological term? A berry?

None of the above!  Ligonier Ministries is the teaching fellowship of spiritual giant and my friend, Dr. RC Sproul.  It is one of THE primary instruments God has used to shape my Christian life.  His teaching, example, and passion to help the church better apprehend God’s glory and character has grounded, inspired, and given greater altitude to hundreds of thousands of people’s Christian lives and ministries … including that of yours truly.

One anointed branch of Ligonier’s expansive ministry has beeen their conferences.  They are amongst the best out there.  This year’s National Conference theme was “No Compromise,” held in Orlando, Fl.  I really wanted to go!

So, Sandra and I are inviting any interested TD’ers to my house on Saturday, March 9, for our own, private “mini conference”  – a Ligonier party, if you will 🙂  We will meet from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. to watch a few messages from the conference and discuss them.  Dinner will be included.  We just need to know who’s interested in coming.

I asked Angela yesterday what her very favorite thing to do is.  Then, she asked me the same question.  After consideration, I said, “Really good, engaging, alive Bible study.”  That’s the flavor of this “mini conference”!  If any of you TD’ers feel the same, you are welcome to join us for NO COMPROMIISE!

– Arthur and Sandra


One thought on “NO COMPROMISE: A Ligonier Party

  1. This is great stuff! Do we have to be in TD to come? I jest, as I have another commitment, but this is really cool. I pray your conversation runs deep, wide, and long!

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