The Cosmic Cube: Life Outside the Box – the South Side

Hey TD, I hope you have been keeping up with The Cosmic Battle series of essays.  They have been a rich source of perspective and thought to help us in our call to “fight the good fight.”  They have reminded us of the reality that “… our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph. 6:12)

Today, we kick off our new series, The Cosmic Cube, which will challenge us to think, live, and battle outside the naturalistic box that we are being suckered to live in each day. 

Nathaniel will get us started, giving us chilling and uncomfortable insight into our Enemy’s heart.  It’s long, but it’s incredible!  Please read and be sharpened for the battle! Comments welcomed.  – Arthur

            Who would have known that something as fragile as a web could reach out so far and entangle so many?  Who could have guessed that lies could drill a hole so deep, the bottom was neither in sight nor in any stretch of the finite imagination.  The web of lies is infinite, working its way into every aspect of human life and thought.  Invisibly.  The web of lies is powerful, blinding its captives and dragging them into the bottomless pit.  Eternally.

“It amuses me,” my demon tour guide, Erebus, chuckled, “that the stupid humans have not the slightest inclination of who we are.  How could they even begin to see the way we master their lives when they regard themselves as progressive, open-minded, and intelligent.  Ha! They will always be naive children, children of lies, the unsuspecting pupils of the master and teacher, the Father of Lies.”

I shuttered at the sight of him.  His brazen eyes were ablaze with cruelty, shining like one who had not only seen the eternal fire, but set eyes on its prisoners and exulted in their agony.  The fire in his eyes grew hotter and the strength of his piercing words increased as we descended the web together.

“What’s more,” Erebus gleefully continued, never once skipping a beat, “is that they make our job so easy.  They compete fiercely to gain permission to enter our strongholds.  They wrap their adolescent years around this pursuit for what they are sure will bring fulfillment.  Their parents are dying to dish out the dough to put their kids in our hands, under our blood-loving care.  Sure, the universities were established to honor the Enemy and equip humans in truth, yet gravity is on our side and our web works quickly.”

From there Erebus simply could not contain himself.  He gushed incessantly about his many victories in the dorms from those who committed suicide to those who had just “gone with the flow”.

“Who needs Roman orgies when you’ve got the party scene?  Eighteen to twenty two year olds all alone, hormones raging, and no good reason to not have a drink, get in bed, be sucked into the web, ruin their lives. And the best part is that the web only gets stronger.  Four years is plenty of time to provide them with a solid education in how to be successful and enjoy their lives.  But only for the next few short decades.” Afraid to interrupt such unbridled laughter and mockery, I silently prepared myself for the row of cells that lay ahead.  I was sure the sign would read “Womanizers, Drunkards, and Druggies” or at least “Intensive Immorality Ward”, so I was utterly stunned when the plaque read “Our Faithful Professors: Thank you for your success in teaching our curriculum. Expect to reunite with your students someday soon.

I was even more shocked to see a verse from the Bible right below the first inscription. John 8:32: “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  I found it ironic at first that the words of Jesus were etched into a web gate of hell, yet the more I thought about it the more I realized the stark irony and merciless cruelty of those words.  These were men and women who spent their entire lives learning and teaching what they perceived was the truth, but in reality they were masterful tailors who clothed underlying and overarching lies in fragments of limited truth.

On earth, their quest to discover reality led them inevitably to an encounter with the God of all truth, yet they never knew the Truth, Christ, who could set them free.  Now it was too late.  Now they saw for the very first time the truth of who mastered their minds in the shadow lands and realized that they were eternally trapped.  They saw the hellish reality of their surroundings and the monstrous evil within them and wished that they could die.  But they can’t.  They won’t.  Never will the mercy of escape become reality.  Never.

I shrank in fear of what my mind had just realized-the truth of eternity.  Yet before I could gaze into the endless fire of the ever deepening abyss and ponder time on earth in light of eternity, I was beckoned back to hell by my ecstatic chaperone.

“And it gets better!  Not only do we secure our grip on their senses, we control their minds and thus their hearts.  Surely you noticed the little dedication plaque on the gate.  You know, there really are only two kinds of professors, actually only two kinds of people: those are own our side following our agenda, or those who are on the Enemy’s.  Despite the major offensive that the Enemy launched a few centuries ago to control minds, I have reason to believe we are now on the cutting edge of this cosmic battle.  Clearly, whoever controls the minds of the influential elite holds the masses in the palm of his hand.  We have the world in death grip.”

That look of senseless victory overcame Erebus and I followed tentatively behind as he approached the first cell.  Just when I thought I could be surprised no more, I peered into the first cell and gasped.

“You recognize this man?” Erebus inquired.  “Of course,” I replied, “there really is no American high school student who wouldn’t.”  “That is encouraging news,” Erebus lightly confirmed, “yet you underestimate this man’s significance.  You see him as an infamous theorizer; we see him as the catalyst we needed to initiate our victory and their self-destruction.  Charles Darwin, my boy, was our man.  Discredit the first two chapters of the Deplorable Book, and you’ve planted the seeds that promise to erode the rest.  Yes, yes, all it takes is one lie from one man.”

I was dumbfounded.  How could a harmless scientific theory like macroevolution actually spill over into “destroying” human life?   Is it simply because science and religion are incompatible?  “If only you shortsighted humans could see things the way we do from the underworld,” Erebus mused, “you might come to realize how narrow and preposterous such a worldview is.  Luckily, your race lacks both perspective and intellect.  And you’ve been trapped, hopelessly consigned to your materialistic black box.  All it takes is a general examination of one’s own being- mind, body, and soul, to reveal that there is more to the universe than simply matter and energy.  Nonetheless I’m humored by observing “intellectuals” scour the crevices of the material world to answer ultimate questions which are entirely immaterial in nature.  The Enemy has programmed you to search for answers to such questions of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny.  You see, by undermining origins, we’ve removed the very source of answers and all the idiots can do embark on an ultimate wild goose chase.  Take a look into Darwin’s cell.  I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.”

“Horrified” and “perplexed” would better describe my reaction to what I saw.  On the right wall of the cell was mounted and enormous screen that appeared to be playing a film.  It was the Holocaust, up close and personal.  In full color and surround sound flashed the anguish of millions.  A ghastly face on a shriveled frame wincing from the pain of her supervisor’s blow.  Pale and starved children feebly sifting through the dirt in hopes of finding nourishing worms or grubs.  A wife weeping bitterly and a girl shrieking with sobs as the two pass by the mounting pile of corpses; their beloved husband and father lies lifeless on top, one of many waiting to be cremated.  There was no “off” button on this window of suffering.  Yet I still could not connect the dots or equate the punishment with the crime.

“We have you to thank Mr. Darwin,” Erebus mocked, still gloating in the blatant evil, “You introduced our seeds which yielded this bumper crop.  Delicious; I’m still savoring the blood.  Once we did away with the Enemy as the creator, there is no basis in saying that the humans were made in his image.  Human dignity is lost, ethics loses its grounding, and ultimate meaning can only be derived from furthering the evolutionary tree.  The elimination of handicaps and Jews was simply a pruning job at the sheers of natural selection!”

Seeing Erebus so enamored with his own explanation left me in sheer disbelief.  It was frightening to consider that ideas wielded the power necessary to give license to such excruciating evil.  The thoughts of one man carried enough weight to eventually crush the lives of millions?  It was a startling thought, yet what was even more disturbing was that such were the logical results of a worldview that did not include God as the creator and the determiner how life should be lived.  “The best is yet to come!” Erebus confidently boasted as he strode ahead, ranting about the upcoming professors who actually disseminated the seeds of thought.

Yet before my fear of being lost in hell drove me to follow his demonic voice, I caught a glimpse of Darwin’s other cell wall.  Like the opposite side, this wall boasted a massive screen.  Yet on this screen was beauty unparalleled, exuding a misty freshness which enticed me into the image.  I watched in awe as I realized what I was witnessing: the beginning of time, the six days of creation, the hand of God at work.  It was good, exceedingly good, incomparably good.

And yet I could not block out the opposing screen which broadcasted the complete antithesis of good.  I cried.  My tears evaporated into steam as they hit the hellish web.  The goodness of the Creator’s truth resonated, yet I knew it was infinitely distant and utterly unattainable.  Evil was exposed as a biting lie, yet it had become an eternal reality.  On earth, one only perceived that the cube of the universe was devoid of God.  In hell, each pressurized cubicle testified to what it actually is like.  I ran from that place, down the web, closer to the bottomless fire.  I sobbed uncontrollably, knowing I was in the only place where God was not.

– Nathaniel Hsieh

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