Getting antsy …

Hey TD’ers:

I’m getting a little antsy.  Nearly coming out of my skin, actually.  I’ve been preparing for Friday’s TD message, “How Can This Be …?,” and I cannot wait to share God’s word with you all!  Lot’s of great, great stuff.  I’m not done preparing yet, but the hours I’ve spent in His word this week has been so good already.

Can you all do me a favor and read Luke 1:26-38 this week for me and … well, just think about it?  That’ll really help in getting us all on the same page sooner.  Thanks much and we’ll see you Friday at TD!



One thought on “Getting antsy …

  1. If Arthur is getting antsy, so am I! Looking forward to hearing from God’s Word, the Living Word, the Anchoring Word, the Truthful Word. Hope you all “unplug” long enough to let the “current” of the world drain so you can recharge with the true and lasting CHARGE that comes from the Lord! See you all on Friday…..Sandra

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