The Cosmic Battle: A Demon’s Diary

Hey TD’ers!  Welcome to the first in a series of essays that will provoke your thinking, challenge your way of living, and encourage you to see life the way God sees it.  The series will be broken up in “chapters,” with each “chapter” consisting of  several essays.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, and let us know what you think!

Enjoy the first essay of “The Cosmic Battle.”  Soli Deo Gloria!

If only they knew what eternity really means.  How shortsighted!  Those filthy, foolish humans strut around with an air of invincibility. They think they’re smart, cute, even powerful. What a perfect set up!  Ensure that they live like there’s no tomorrow and soon they’ll forget that they’re on the edge of eternity. Obsess them with hot clothes and hot cars and the quicker those idiots will drive into the hot fire of the abyss.  It is mind-boggling even for me.  How could those worms, made in the Enemy’s image, be so hopelessly blinded by such a sheer veil?  But who really cares about the particulars.  All I know is that it is priceless to see that veil being lifted for the first time.  On our side.  They see the truth about earth.  They see the hellish truth of what surrounds them and they wish it was a passing lie.  Well they had their fair share of those on earth, each one nudging them closer to the Master, the Father of lies.  I can hear it even now as I write: the piercing cry of one more captive echoing down through the bottomless chasm.  The Enemy’s son said that the truth would set them free.  Well all their reality will do for the now is make them wish they could die.  But they can’t! No turning back, no turning back!   It is all too easy!  Distract them for a lifetime and they’ll have the rest of eternity to focus on what they could’ve or should’ve done.

Sure, many have been lost to the Enemy but we are the owners of the culture, the owners of the very air they breathe.  And if you stop think about it, it really is almost unfair! I mean, consider the ratio of 80 years to infinity!  Talk about dividends!  I have trouble containing myself when I think about the possibilities.  Of course we love bloody carnage.  I can still taste the holocaust.  I myself am even impressed that we could win such a battle through one man.  Talk about clearance, it is almost as if the Enemy sold his “chosen” little lambs at the butcher shop.  “Six Million for the Price of One.”  Yet I know better than to bank on the Hitlers of the world. We need to play safe.  As one of the Enemy’s most dangerous vermin once observed, “The safest road to Hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.” (C.S. Lewis)

If they set their puny minds and hearts on the dot, they’ll completely miss the line-which plummets straight down.  Yes, patience is a virtue.  We’ve been tricked one too many times.  We’ve been belied by the Enemy who cannot lie!  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  And there is nothing more shameful than losing an eternal prize, especially if that rescued solider drags even more filthy vermin with it.  Face the facts.  You can’t get rid of their consciences.  You can dull them to a curve yet never crush them into dust.  It is that part of them that is disturbed at victories like the holocaust or a mass genocide. This is dangerous, for once they stop to contemplate the stark reality of life, they begin asking ultimate questions.  Once they begin to ask questions outside of the dot, they stumble upon truth.  And we all know where that leads: straight to Enemy territory.  And the worst part of it is, they get a glimpse of us. I am discouraged to think that we could not derail Job.  Doubt was the best we could do?  The forbidden book tells us where that led.  And not to mention His “children” who cause us unending heartache even now, especially knowing that they were rightfully ours.  Yet another warning to avoid jarring suffering.  If they were strolling gently down, there was no need to push them.  The shock could open their eyes.  I can’t help but think what might have been.

What would have happened if we left Joni Eareckson the way she was?  She would have made it big time in the world as an artist or athlete.  Anything but reaching the ugly and lame sludge bags doing, well, I can barely bring myself to write it, disability ministry. Those handicapped used to be such easy catch; just turn them against the cruel One who made them that way.  What’s worse is to think that Ravi Zacharias was but a pill more away from traversing Erebus restlessly and endlessly.  Now he is endlessly traversing the globe identifying the restlessness of humans’ accursed, eternal hearts!  What can we do, what can we say to the Master to apologize for his apologetics?  We should have seen it coming.

The Enemy practically publicized his battle plans on the cross.  The first book of the Forbidden Word said it plain: “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20).  Yes, it is discouraging to see how the Enemy’s truth weasels its way into arenas that are rightfully ours, yet I take great comfort in knowing that the battle is far from lost.  Postmodernism amuses me in that it is a testimony to the power of our lies and our obfuscation, no, obliteration of the truth.  My only fear is that its inconsistencies and conflicting nature will be exposed.  Yet, no need to worry, post postmodernism will probably replace the blinders quite painlessly.

Technicalities aside, I am proud to tout universities as some of our biggest success stories.  Plant the seeds of lies there and the leaves of deception will bud and flower in the workplace.  Make sure they receive a generous douse of relative ethics and the fruit of disconnect will swell in their homes.  Before you know it, their children are our own little empirical hedonists!  The Enemy says he transforms them through the renewing of their minds?  Well it was nice of him to provide a fair playing ground.  We’ve got our bases covered. From evolution in the high school biology class to sensuous adult-only movies, it doesn’t take much to divert their incompetent minds from contemplating the truth to memorizing and rejoicing in lies.  Keep them from realizing eternity and they’ve got a sure ticket down the burning slide.  Close their eyes and turn their heads from the cosmic battle and they’re already tied to the stake.  Hide the truth, and we’ve won the war.

Yet I am not ignorant.  I’ve seen the Enemy pop up when we’d least expected.  The fact that the Enemy is truth and has his hand in all creation poses a huge problem that… What am I saying!  We must take it battle by battle and then the war will come.  Isaiah is the perfect reminder of what we need to focus on. It wasn’t until he came before the face of the Enemy that he realized the truth of his own filth and the pollution of his culture.  It wasn’t until then that he became such a stench in our nostrils.  How simple!  Dull their consciences.  Cover their eyes.  Let them feel the deceptive warmth of the abyss before they can glimpse the holiness of the throne room.  Don’t let them see what is really real or who we really are.  The web of lies will soon constrict them.  They’ll be ours.  For good.

– Nathaniel Hsieh


One thought on “The Cosmic Battle: A Demon’s Diary

  1. What a deliciously devilish post! Actually, it’s kind of scary to get a glimpse of how subtle Satan is as he lures humanity away from the truth.

    Thank God that He has opened the eyes of believers to see the truth of the gospel. But we are not immune to the lies of the devil, are we? Let’s seek God in His Word in order to battle the lies of Satan, which tempt us doubt that God’s ways are always best.

    1 Peter 5:8 – “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

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