The Cosmic Battle: A Demon’s Diary

Hey TD’ers!  Welcome to the first in a series of essays that will provoke your thinking, challenge your way of living, and encourage you to see life the way God sees it.  The series will be broken up in “chapters,” with each “chapter” consisting of  several essays.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, and let us know what you think!

Enjoy the first essay of “The Cosmic Battle.”  Soli Deo Gloria!

If only they knew what eternity really means.  How shortsighted!  Those filthy, foolish humans strut around with an air of invincibility. They think they’re smart, cute, even powerful. What a perfect set up!  Ensure that they live like there’s no tomorrow and soon they’ll forget that they’re on the edge of eternity. Obsess them with hot clothes and hot cars and the quicker those idiots will drive into the hot fire of the abyss.  It is mind-boggling even for me.  How could those worms, made in the Enemy’s image, be so hopelessly blinded by such a sheer veil?  But who really cares about the particulars.  All I know is that it is priceless to see that veil being lifted for the first time.  On our side.  They see the truth about earth.  They see the hellish truth of what surrounds them and they wish it was a passing lie.  Well they had their fair share of those on earth, each one nudging them closer to the Master, the Father of lies.  I can hear it even now as I write: the piercing cry of one more captive echoing down through the bottomless chasm.  The Enemy’s son said that the truth would set them free.  Well all their reality will do for the now is make them wish they could die.  But they can’t! No turning back, no turning back!   It is all too easy!  Distract them for a lifetime and they’ll have the rest of eternity to focus on what they could’ve or should’ve done. Continue reading